Business Protection

Research from Legal & General shows that if a key person died or became critically ill, four out of ten businesses would cease trading within a year. If you are a small business, such a loss is likely to have a much greater impact than it would on a larger organisation.

Despite the risks, it is smaller companies that are least likely to have business protection insurance in place, yet these are the very businesses who may be in most need of this protection.

There will be fewer people to pick up the pieces and ensure everything continues to run smoothly: most smaller operations don’t have specialist finance departments, HR teams or legal departments to help them through hard times.

"50% of businesses have no specific arrangements if a shareholder dies"

"Only 20% of businesses use an insurance policy as security to protect their business loans. 33% of businesses have a debt of between £50,000 and £250,000".

"69% of businesses have never heard of a relevant life plan"

"Only 18% of businesses have any insurance to cover key people"

There are four types of business protection that can be offered to make sure that problems that can arise, are dealt with and more easily managed. Hover over the boxes to find out more:


Key Persons Protection is a type of life insurance bought by businesses that will pay out funds to provide help finding a replacement, cover for the role and account for a loss of profit in the event of a key persons death.


Business Loan Protection is a type of life insurance bought by businesses that will help pay off business debts if the owner dies.


Share Protection is a type of life insurance bought by businesses which ensures there are funds to help purchase shares if an owner or shareholder dies.


Relevant Life Plans are individual life insurance policy that company directors and owners can buy through there business, if they are classed as an employee. It is an effective means of reducing tax.

MWS can review your current policies and advise on policies that can be taken out to make sure that your business is protected. If you would like anymore information or would like to request a meeting to discuss your business protection needs, please contact us.