How does equity release work?

You can release tax-free cash from your home through Key Equity Release with a lifetime mortgage, the most popular form of equity release. Key features of equity release are:

Interest Only

You can choose 1 of 3 options for your lifetime mortgage, the first being interest-only. This is where the borrower has to make interest payments to the lender each month. The loan is repaid when the last remaining borrower, either passes away or enters long-term care. Typically, your house will then be sold and the equity release provider will take their money from the sale proceeds. The remainder goes to you or your estate.


Interest Roll Up

The second of three options, interest roll up, is hen the mortgage is on an interest-only basis but no monthly payments are made to the lender. The interest charged is rolled up into the loan, with the original loan plus accrued interest repaid when the borrower either passes away or enters long-term care. This form of lifetime mortgage means the debt increases over time.



The third option allows the borrower to convert from an interest-only basis to a roll-up basis at anytime during the mortgage term.

Is equity release safe?

Equity release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whose primary role is to protect customers and enhance the financial market’s integrity. We're authorised and regulated by the FCA, ensuring all our processes and recommendations are clear, fair and not misleading to customers.

No negative equity guarantee

All of our advised products come with several assurances, including the no negative equity guarantee. With it, you’ll never owe more than your home’s worth. So, any debt you accrue through equity release can’t be passed on to your loved ones after you’ve gone.

How much can I release?

The amount you can release is based on your age, general health and lifestyle and the value of your property. We can calculate these figures for you and give you multiple choices.

How much does equity release cost?

MWS does not charge for arranging and advising on any equity release products. If we advise that equity release is the best option for you, we are paid by the provider selected through procuration fees.