At MWS we pride ourselves on the quality of our savings and investment advice. It may simply be a case of reviewing, strengthening and streamlining your existing investment plans or alternatively a thorough review and reassessment of your investment portfolio.

Our Investment Process

Deciding how best to invest your money can be daunting. With so many options available and so many uncertainties, how do you choose whats right for you? 

Our job is to eliminate as much of that uncertainty as possible and to work with you to identify the most appropriate way for you to achieve your financial goals.

The MWS Financial Advisers Limited investment process is designed with that in mind. It creates a framework for us to discuss your needs and expectations, to assess and agree your attitude to risk and then to build and manage an investment portfolio to match.

By working through a series of logical steps, you will gain a a better understanding of the reasoning behind our recommendations and confidence in the resulting choice of investments. This flowchart outlines our investment process.

We offer a complimentary consultation; the purpose of this is to identify your personal needs and objectives, establish what benefits would result from using our services, outline or associated costs and give you the opportunity to appoint us as your financial advisers.


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The value of investments can go down as well as up. Therefore, it is important that you understand the risks before making a decision to invest. If you are unsure whether an investment is suitable you should seek advice from a suitably qualified adviser.