Why is it good to talk insurance?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

• Only 47% of people are confident that they understand the wording used to explain financial products. 

• 13% of people are likely to play the lottery in 2017 to help improve their financial situation. Only 4% are likely to seek professional financial advice.

• 31% of people who said they skim read or don't read their insurance polices said its because its too complicated.

• 16% of people said they have no insurance cover.

With over 50% of individuals not actually understanding their insurance policies, it is obvious that Insurance can be confusing. Whether it be life insurance or home insurance, talking through the different options and levels of cover provided is always beneficial. 

Consulting a financial adviser means they can recommend the products that are directly suitable for your needs. By comparing different providers quotes, we can tailor the benefits to your individual requirements and budget. Seeking professional financial advice can help keep you and your loved ones safer, more comprehensively and for a lower cost.

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